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     >> Wat Rajburana
ภาพจิตรกรรมฝาผนังเรื่องรามเกียรติ์ ตอน ทศกัณฑ์สั่งเมือง
Mural tailing Thosakan
Sang Muang
Vihar in Wat Ratburana
Buddha image in Ubosotta
นาค 3 เศียร ที่ชายคาพระอุโบสถ
3 Heads Naga Mould Eave
          Wat Rajburana

          Situated by the Nan River, south of Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat Waramahavihar, the monastery was
believingly built by Somdej Phra Borom Trailokkanat of Ayudhya.
     >> Wat Nang Phaya

          Wat Nang Phaya

          Located east of Wat Rajburana, the temple has no ordination hall.
In 2444 B.E., a hole containing Phra Nang Phaya, smail images of Buddha,
was discovered. The Buddha images found are later very popular among
those who interested in amulets.
     >> Wat Aranyik

          Wat Aranyik

          Located on east bank of the Nan River , about one km away from the city fort,
Phya Sua Rd , the temple was constructed in the Sukhothai Period. Surrounded by
ditches, the monastery houses the Lankan-style Chedi.
Wat Aranyik
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